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Looking For a Versatile Application to Boost Your ROI? You’ve Come to the Right Place

Custom Application Development

Do you have an idea that would allow your business to stay ahead of your competitors? You came to the right place; we can make your idea a reality.

We will turn your idea into the most efficient, adaptable and high quality software application you can imagine. All you need to do is contact us today for a free consultation, share your idea with us and we will make it happen.

How can you be confident that you will receive the best solution? When you work with CodeFirst, your idea will be in the hands of our world-class developers. We are the only company in Ireland that offers your business several MVPs (Microsoft Most Valued Professionals) to convert your idea into a premium solution. We are able to meet all of your business requirements and we can code any application from scratch or re-develop an old one. With CodeFirst, your organization can be assured that you will always receive the best solution.

Why should I select CodeFirst? With many years of software development experience, we are proud of our track record of 100% customer satisfaction. We develop your application with the best price/performance ratio in Ireland, deliver on time and with premium performance, look no further, we are the partner you need.

We make it easy for your business so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We provide a hassle-free process that makes your business more efficient and increases your return on IT. CodeFirst’s development always provides your company with a bespoke, end-to-end solution. We will build you an application that meets your requirements and that adapts easily to new technology and devices. Thanks to our proven methodologies, your organisation will have greater flexibility, will reduce its costs and will adapt to the market faster and more efficiently.

Application Maintenance & Modernisation

In order to improve your return on IT, application maintenance and modernisation are key. Your company never stops growing and unfortunately your current software can’t keep up with these changes. By keeping an old legacy platform, you are reducing what your business can do, lowering your chances of success and increasing your costs.

CodeFirst Ireland’s application maintenance and modernisation services look after your software, making sure it’s always up-to-date while you business evolves.

To make applications more efficient, responsive and competitive, every business needs a modernisation plan for its software. Our world-class developers can generate new business value from your existing applications and reduce maintenance costs with our 24/7 support.

We help your business to stay efficient and profitable while keeping your software updated and supported. Our services have been designed to reduce your maintenance costs and to guarantee that your software performs at its best.

CodeFirst Ireland’s maintenance and modernisation services offer you a wide range of possibilities to increase your return on IT:


  • Error tracking and debugging
  • Offshore Product Maintenance
  • Version upgrades and enhancements
  • Interactive and graphical user interfaces
  • Technical troubleshooting
  • Performance testing
  • Quality assurance


  • Legacy application transformation
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Platform migration
  • Application modernisation with open standards
Contact us today and find out how keeping your software maintained and updated is essential for the success of your business.

Enterprise Application Development

Has it been difficult for your organisation to stay competitive and innovative while improving applications? Not anymore!

CodeFirst Ireland specialises in platform optimisation, application and system integrations. Our enterprise application solutions can accelerate the design, implementation and control of your business applications. If you are seeking an enterprise solution that can build systems quickly and automate business processes with an engaging user experience, CodeFirst is the software partner for you.

Develop your enterprise application with us and our expert developers will deliver a solution capable of increasing your business value and reducing your expenditure. With us, it’s very easy to stay competitive and updated at all times because application maintenance support services ensure that your applications always run as efficiently as possible.

Contact us today and discover how CodeFIrst can develop a premium enterprise application for you, taking care of the analysis, development, implementation and maintenance support.

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